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"Yonder allows me to have confidence that customers are having the experience that we pride ourselves in."

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We caught up with Jacqueline McFadyen, director of Cleaver and Rouge Hair and Makeup Salon, who has been using Yonder in her business for the past two weeks, to find out more about why she decided to use it and how she’s finding it so far.

Were you gathering direct feedback before using Yonder?

We would manually gather direct feedback from clients, but it was a very manual process and we would only typically do it if they were a big wedding client or one of the regulars that we knew very well. We simply would use a basic email template that we would manually send to these clients every now and then. There was no schedule to the emails and the aim of them was entirely to get Google and Facebook reviews, there was no way to collate that data and actually use it with our business.

Why were you interested in using the Yonder review system?

I'm a busy mother and business owner, so I'm not able to be on the salon floor 24/7. Getting direct feedback helps me understand what’s happening when I’m not directly on the shop floor.  Getting more reviews on Google and Facebook will help my social proof to help new clients choose us.

Getting direct feedback helps me understand what’s happening when I’m not directly on the shop floor.

How easy was it to set up Yonder and start using it?

We found Yonder fantastic to set up. We use Timely as our client booking system, so the integration required us to use a tool called Zapier which would tell Yonder each time there was a client appointment, and Yonder would automatically send out a customer survey afterwards. While it may seem a little tricky, to get it all set up with Zapier so that Yonder and Timely were talking with each other, Yonder provided us with a step by step guide to actually get the integration done, and test it. By collecting the NPS data on our business we have learned more about the customer's experiences.

What have you learnt through the feedback you’ve received? Have you taken any actions off the back of feedback?

Yonder allows me to have confidence that customers are having the experience that we pride ourselves in. It gives me a sense and confidence that the business is doing well and customers are happy. No longer do I have to rely on word of mouth from friends and family. Over the 14 day trial period, we averaged 1 Yonder survey per day, with 2 reviews being then posted to our Google reviews page. Overall it was an awesome volume of feedback, it was such a buzz getting more reviews and feedback.  It had been a while since we had a Google review, so it was great to see a recent review for future customers to read.  

I was amazed by how much feedback we got. It was a great way to learn when our standards weren’t up to par, a couple of regular customers let us know we missed on a few things they come to expect, which is a friendly reminder to our team to maintain standards.  Without that feedback, how would I have known?  Maintaining client relationships and minimising churn is important to us.  And of course, it’s great to get feedback to remind us what clients love and what we’re doing well.

I’ve shared feedback with my team, they really appreciate it as they don’t always see the full picture of a client experience if a client is getting multiple services done.  Sometimes clients can avoid confrontation by giving face to face feedback, so it’s more information to give the team info on how they’re doing.

How would you describe Yonder to others?

From my experience so far - I describe Yonder as a fantastic way to receive direct feedback about my business and staff, with the added bonus of being able to get Google and Facebook reviews which in turn helps my social proof! Plus, the system has so far been great at giving the staff accountability and pride in their work.

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