How to turn more online visitors to direct sales

We've developed winning strategies (and obstacles to avoid) to get more sales. These are based on leading tourism operators and analysis of over one million customer service chats.
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Questions for you to self assess 6 focus areas.
Best practices from leading tourism operators.
Data insights from our analysis of chats.
What's in the guide?

Six focus areas that increase sales

Here are some examples of questions and best practices featured in the guide....
Booking system
When does your online booking system close before a trip?

> The best close no more than 1 hour prior. Having to call to book is an obstacle.
Website information
How many products do you offer?

> Lots of options can create confusion. How are you simplifying choices or making comparison easy?
Are you asking people to call your freephone number?

> Foreign mobiles can't dial them and 40% of enquiries are made outside 9-5. Give people options to suit them.
You've got one website but are you addressing the needs of different customers such as families, accessibility needs, arriving by public transport, etc.

> If people are uncertain about something they won't book, especially when risk is involved.
Sense of urgency
How are you creating a sense of urgency to encourage advance booking?

> People will wait until the last minute if they can. "Is booking required" is one of the top 5 questions asked through Yonder.
Analysis and teamwork
Do your marketing and sales team review conversational data?

> Since people have questions when they're uncertain or there's a problem, you might discover issues all your website visitors are experiencing.
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