Use customer feedback to continuously be the best

Gather feedback at all touchpoints with customers, before during and after so you never miss an opportunity to measure how you're doing. Use Yonder automations to gather post-visit feedback.

Get 10x more feedback

Get up to 35% of customers giving feedback by asking directly with Yonder. Automate sending after every customer visit or send manually.

Turn positive feedback into requests for online reviews

If you're a business with lots of customers who love what you do, how do you get them to review you online? Ask them, but make it easy.

We ask for direct feedback and only ask those who rate you 5 stars to post on their preferred online review site. We make it easier still by giving them a copy button to reduce the effort to share.

Measure Net Promoter Score

Measure your rating, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and distribution of customer happiness.  Since word of mouth is such an important part of getting new customers, use NPS as a metric to track how well you're generating sales through referrals.

Customize your own questions

Questions about availability are among the top five most asked questions. Yonder can respond to chats with live availability from your booking system.

We're integrated with IBIS, Redzy, Fare Harbour and more. If yours isn't on the list, that's ok, Yonder will help guide customers to the right place in your online booking system.

Customize styling and show the best you

Asking for feedback is another touchpoint with customers you want to be your best. Customize colours that represent to your brand, nothing boring.

Connect your booking system data to create a full picture

No need for guessing who responded to feedback, know exactly which booking it was and all relevant details.

Average ratings aren't a lot of use. Drill deeper and get a rich picture of feedback by segmenting your data by product, service, room etc.  Find out exactly what needs improvement.

Gather feedback heard by staff

Your frontline team are your eyes and ears.  Quick and easy to capture and escalate observations from the front line into one place - Yonder.

Unleash your growth.  Discover more features.

Yonder is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Check out our other products that work well with Automated FAQs.
Get more 5 star reviews and be the top choice.
Integrate your booking system and set your automations and customer data on fire.
Discover rich insights from conversations and reviews in clicks, not days.

Drive more online sales without more marketing spend