How does Yonder automation work?

We bottle up your best team member and put them on your website to help your customers 24-7 (well, almost)
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Customer service automation that puts the customer first

With a few hours input from your team, you can have a customised and fully trained AI answer bot providing customer service 24-7 on your website. We achieve that in a few simple steps...

First, we learn about your business and your customers

We work to understand what makes your business special and what triggers your customers to make a booking. We also share our understanding about what works in businesses like yours. This helps us design the virtual assistant so that it wins more bookings, and in a way that is consistent with your business and brand values.

You complete our template of commonly asked questions in your sector

Our framework of commonly asked questions is based on analysis of a massive set of questions real travellers have asked. That enables our AI to work its magic immediately - plus it gives your business access to a large set of data that you wouldn't be able to access otherwise.

For example, we've collected 100’s of phrases which all relate to someone asking about price, like "Prices please", “Are the prices per person”, “How much is it for 2 adults on Friday?”.


We curate answers that guide your customers towards booking

The best assistant is a sales assistant - someone who helps steer customers toward booking. We design responses to enhance engagement with your business, products and services, which means giving them options to find more information (within the bot or on your website), directing them to book on your website, or leading them towards contacting staff. On average, we lead 10% of chats towards your booking system.

Go live! Expect to get at least 50% of questions answered from day one

Paste a special piece of code into your website and start helping customers. That's it.

Because of the smarts we've built into the chatbot, and the comprehensive sector-specific dataset your bot takes advantage of, you can expect great results from day one. There will still be a learning curve, and we'll work alongside you to make sure you get the most out of your answer bot.
A real customer outcome after 2 weeks

We're by your side to get even better outcomes

Expect regular reviews to identify improvements (depending on your chosen plan) to help get more bookings and save more staff time.

You've got access to change responses at any time with our easy Response Editor.

Sounds great. What value can I expect?

Help people immediately = More bookings
Help people outside office hours
Save staff time

Great features to help engage website visitors and win more bookings

With the help of our Conversation Insights feature, learn what website visitors are asking, and which webpage they're asking from. Use this to identify improvements to your website content, or use our pop-up website messages to engage and promote.

Why you need Yonder...

"The chatbot is an option for customers to find info without having to pick up the phone. If customers can find what they want, it helps avoid them leaving the website without booking. Securing that conversion prior to being in Rotorua is really important."
Richard Allen, Polynesian Spa
"We set out to provide better customer service, and to better support international enquirers when they were in the research phase of planning their trip. And that’s exactly what Yonder has done."
Andrea Messenger, Tongariro Crossing Shuttles
"Behaviour is changing, and while lots of our customers want to talk to us, there are some who are quite comfortable talking with a chatbot. Offering a chatbot service on our website is about offering our guests choices."
Georgina Torrington, The George Hotel

Yonder is more than a product, you get our tourism expertise

Staff that know tourism and are ready to help you succeed
Webinars featuring best practices, trends and research
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