Digital assistants for smart tourism businesses

Our tourism specific conversational AI and clever automations make it really easy for tourism providers to chat with travellers, book and pay 24-7.

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Great customer service gets more bookings
Providing immediate answers 24-7 is great customer service. Win customers before they find something else.
Pay through chat
When customers want to book make it easy for them, by taking online payment through chat.

Work smarter, not harder

Struggling to keep up with customer queries?
Not always manning a computer?
Getting lots of repetitive questions?

If your customer enquiries aren’t getting answers within 15 minutes then you’re missing out on bookings.  

Our virtual assistant answers up to 65% of customer questions immediately, 24-7.  It passes the complex ones on to you.

Be everywhere for every customer

Chat is the preferred channel for travellers, many avoid ringing.  Yonder makes it easy for your team to embrace many channels.

Worried about the noise that creates?  Our virtual assistant takes care of that for you all in one place.

Personalise your website

If you’re a seasonal business bring it alive with dynamic content like….what’s the weather like.

Yonder makes it really easy for your team to control and customise website messages to help guide customers towards booking.  

Example from customer Go Skydive NZ

Offer last minute deals

Why are you offering deals and commission on 3rd party websites and not your own website ?  

Customers are savvy, they shop around.

Yonder makes it simple to set up and sell deals on your own website at
no commission

Simple to pay through chat

If someone asks to book through chat, make it easy to pay immediately. You'll get drop-offs if you ask them to ring or go back into your online booking system.

It's incredibly simple to send a payment request to chats and emails to secure a booking. We accept credit cards Apple Pay, WePay and AliPay

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Automate up to 65% of your customer service in weeks

Step 1
We get to know your customer service requirements, and discuss how Yonder can help
Step 2
We curate your responses to build an engaging virtual assistant with our pre-trained natural language AI.  
Step 3
Deploy.  Our proprietary virtual assistant means you’re achieving results immediately.
from $99 per month

Our customer success team is by your side

You can even improve conversions from the beach
Our team will help you get the most from the Yonder platform and free up your time to do what you do best.

Customers delivering exceptional customer experience

Every month, these customers are providing awesome customer service and achieving

2 - 5

hours of staff time saved
Yonder does the grunt work answering questions immediately and lets us focus on the more complex enquiries and the customers in front of us.
Black Cat Cruises
Our customers love the daily website message if we’re flying that day, and immediate answers to common FAQ.  
Go Skydive NZ
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