Yonder Joins Forces with TOMIS to Revolutionize Tourism Tech!

Yonder are thrilled to announce our official acquisition by TOMIS.
Letitia Stevenson
June 18, 2023

Today, we at Yonder are thrilled to announce our official acquisition by TOMIS, a leading technology company dedicated to building cutting-edge customer experience and communication software for tour operators. Based in Montana, USA, TOMIS’ products are a natural fit with Yonder, providing innovative, data-driven marketing solutions and exceptional customer experiences for tour operators around the globe.

Individually, both Yonder and TOMIS have saved tour operators thousands of hours, generated millions in revenue for clients, and pushed the travel industry forward at every opportunity. We've navigated the ever-evolving landscape of conversational AI and created products to simplify and streamline all aspects of the customer journey for our clients. 

Together, we know we’ll only make each other better.

Commitment to Customer Success

“We are excited to welcome Yonder into the TOMIS ecosystem,” said Evan Tipton, CEO of TOMIS. “This acquisition allows us to combine our strengths and deliver even greater value to our customers. With Yonder’s innovative technology and our industry expertise, we are well-positioned to support the growth and success of tour operators globally.”

Letitia Stevenson added, “With TOMIS’ support, we’re excited to take our innovative solutions to the next level and help more tour operators achieve their goals.”

For now, both businesses will operate as usual, ensuring tour operators don’t experience any disruptions. TOMIS and Yonder will continue to operate as standalone brands, ensuring continuity and stability for existing customers while benefiting from our shared resources and industry expertise.

Looking Ahead

The union of TOMIS and Yonder promises to deliver enhanced solutions and greater value to our customers. By integrating our strengths, we’re set to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the tourism technology sector. We’re deeply committed to listening to our customers and incorporating your feedback into future product developments. We encourage you to share your ideas, feature requests, and feedback to help shape the future of our offerings.

As we embark on this new journey together with TOMIS, the future looks brighter than ever for tour operators seeking innovative solutions to drive their success. Stay tuned for more updates as this dynamic partnership evolves and continues to make waves in the tourism industry.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your continued support!

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