Connect Zaui to power up your tourism business

We make it easier for you to engage, listen and communicate with customers 24-7. It's pretty simple, by making things easy for your customers you'll get more direct bookings and more raving reviews.

Yonder is the only AI Chatbot and Reviews Platform built just for tourism operators and connected to your Zaui Booking System.

How does Yonder supercharge your business?

By connecting Zaui with Yonder you can increase website conversions, save staff time and gather customer insights using the Yonder Chatbot and Yonder Reviews Product.
"I’ve been amazed at the results. Yonder has made a fantastic impact on our conversion rate of website visitors to online bookings"
Richard Allen, Polynesian Spa

Do more with less using an AI chatbot built for your business

Eliminate the repetitive stuff so you can do more of the work you do best.

Use Yonders AI chatbot, built for tourism, to answer sales and customer questions every minute of every day.
"The fact that customers can get answers to their questions without having to email or call or text is game-changing.  It’s one of the most valuable tools for us."
Richard Allen, Polynesian Spa
Reduce trivial enquiries by responding immediately to 90% of chats. 
Over 45% of chats are outside off hours, Yonder will handle them for you.
No set up fees.
Easy onboarding and ongoing support to help you achieve your customer service goals.
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The easy way to manage reputation and turn customers into raving reviews

Measure NPS and learn what your customers think

The Yonder Customer Survey is designed for high response rates to help you get the best picture how you're doing. Expect at least 35% response rate, that's 10x more effective than using links in a thankyou email.
"The simplicity of the survey makes it easy for our customers to share their thoughts.  We've grown our feedback 10x.
Griff, Glass Bottom Boat

Connect your booking system data to see the full picture

No need for guessing who responded to feedback, know exactly which customer it was and all relevant details.

Go deeper than average ratings

Average ratings aren't a lot of use. Drill deeper and get a rich picture of feedback by segmenting your data by each Zaui product/activity. Find out exactly what needs improvement.

Be found online and get your business 5x more Google reviews

Maximise word of mouth by boosting your Google and Tripadvisor reviews.  Boost your organic search ranking on Google, and standout in search results with your Yonder ratings.

Showcase reviews to your website and boost conversion

Online reviews influence the purchase decisions for 93% of consumers. We help you showcase all your 5 star reviews in an automated feed to your website. You can even filter to only reviews specific to a Zaui product/activity.

Bring all your reviews sites into one place

Save time managing your Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews (and more coming soon) by bringing them into one home - Yonder.

Get structured feedback on your team members

Gather feedback on your team, including compliments and what needs improvement.

Make monthly staff reviews powerful and efficient with real-time reports of each team member at your fingertips.

We also listen for their names (and variations) in online reviews so you can see at a glance all reviews with @mentions.
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Help people choose by giving personalized recommendations

Yonder Quiz is the innovative way to greet and get to know your site visitors, personalize their experiences and drive more sales.
Seamlessly help people choose on your website
Provide the right recommendations for every traveller, trip by trip.
Gather leads and generate more enquiries.
Improve your remarketing ROI.
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How the magic happens

Connect Zaui to Yonder
Create an API key in Zaui and paste it into Yonder.  We'll automatically pull in your list of products and start listening for bookings.
Automatically send customer surveys
Yonder regularly listens for new bookings in Zaui and pulls in customer information. Surveys are automatically sent after the finish time. You control when and how often.
Gather feedback directly
A beautiful, simple survey designed to get incredibly high response rates. Ask additional questions to learn more and get feedback about your team.
Amplify your word of mouth
We help 5 star reviews get shared online. Showcase your 5 star reviews as a live feed on your website with a Yonder Widget or API integration.
Quickly discover insights
Feedback is automatically connected to booking information. Results are classified to your organizations, products and teams. Make sense of the data quickly.
Yonder results

Ziptrek Ecotours

“Yonder has helped lift our team efficiency, removed boring tasks, saved many hours serving people, and helped deliver a better guest experience.”
Trent Yeo
Executive Director/Owner
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More customer feedback
Staff time saved per month
Yonder results

International Antarctic Centre

“Yonder chatbot is a great way to engage customers in a conversation at any time of the day. It’s a 24-hour helpline service for our customers, allowing us to communicate back and forward with them instantaneously.”
Rachel Fisk
Marketing Executive ‑ Digital, Wayfare
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Clicks to bookings system
% chats
More chats than Messenger
Yonder results

Polynesian Spa

“Conversion rate on the website has gone up since implementing Yonder.”
Richard Allen
Sales and Marketing Manager
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Online enquiries answered
Website conversion rate
Yonder results

Redwoods Treewalk

“A great thing about the Yonder system is we’re also able to steer those customers that love us to share their reviews online, helping us boost a new product we’ve offered.”
Bruce Thomasen
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Response rate
Time to integrate