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“A great thing about the Yonder system is we’re also able to steer those customers that love us to share their reviews online, helping us boost a new product we’ve offered.”

Bruce Thomasen
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We caught up with Bruce Thomasen, co-founder of Redwoods Treewalk to find out more about how connecting Yonder with his booking system ROLLER has helped Redwoods Treewalk streamline the process of gathering and managing customer feedback.

“NPS and customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, we’ve been collecting it since we started the business. It’s great to measure we’re consistently delivering a high-quality service, while still finding areas for improvement.”

Customer Satisfaction and NPS or ‘Net Promoter Score', are key customer experience metrics used by businesses all around the globe to measure customer satisfaction, advocacy, and loyalty. NPS indicates how likely your customers are to use your services again and recommend your business to their friends and family. With word of mouth being one of the most powerful forms of marketing, NPS is one of the most important metrics for businesses to track.

What made you decide to start using Yonder?

“We had a staff member gathering feedback from customers leaving the walk, they’d enter it into a tablet.  We’d gather around 2 - 10 per day.”

“By using Yonder we were able to take away a manual system. Within Roller we have contact information of customers who buy tickets online in advance, which is just a fraction of all customers as most buy tickets on arrival.  But even so, the response rate to Yonder surveys has been so high, around 35%, we’re getting the same volume of feedback as we do face to face. For us, the more feedback the better”.

“A great thing about the Yonder system is we’re also able to steer those customers that love us to share their reviews online, helping us boost a new product we’ve offered.”

How did you find the process of integrating Yonder with your booking system?

“Integrating Yonder to our ROLLER booking system has been really powerful, it was just a couple of clicks to integrate and then Yonder does everything else automatically.  Surveys are sent automatically after a visit and all responses are tied back to a customer, in case it’s feedback that we want to follow up on.  We can also drill down and see NPS and feedback for each of the different products that we offer, which is incredibly useful for us to see exactly what’s going well and what needs to be improved. Basically, it helps us be smarter with the data we get.”

Since opening in 2015, Redwoods Treewalk has established itself as a world-renowned experience and must-do New Zealand experience. It’s focus on innovation with the opening of the nightlight walk 2016, high platform in 2017 and Redwoods Altitude in 2020 has seen it win multiple tourism awards including the 2019 Tourism New Zealand Award and Qualmark 100% Pure New Zealand Experience Award. They understand their customers and what truly makes an exceptional experience.

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