Top 15 funniest questions your customer service gets asked

We asked BYATA 2019 participants what was the funniest question your business has been asked.
Letitia Stevenson
August 12, 2019

At the BYATA 2019 conference we asked participants what was the funniest question your business has been asked.  

We were stoked with the volume of responses, it’s pretty clear there’s a lot of silly questions asked.

Here’s our top 15 which made us smile

  1. How much of the cave is underground? 
  2. Sooo… Is this cruise 4WD?
  3. Is the ice there all year round?
  4. Is it dark in the cave?
  5. Do I have to pay my staff?
  6. Will my baby cry?
  7. Can I purposely crash?
  8. Can I get the phone number of my guide today?
  9. Can I still get room discount without being a member?
  10. What time does the 7am bus leave?
  11. What is wrong with Google? Where is the internet?
  12. Is the water wet?
  13. Can I bring my 3 children for free?
  14. Do I need to bring my own toilet paper?
  15. How many caves are underground?

Your customer service team must be legends to calmly respond to these daily, and responding is necessary because it helps remove uncertainties for people to book. But you need to know that Yonder can help - we can help you customer service team stay sane, keep your customers, get more bookings and save staff time.

Sound too good to be true?  Get in touch anytime for a chat with us about what chat can do for you.

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