South Pacific Helicopters

We share back customer feedback to our team at staff meetings and who's been mentioned, it creates a real “buzz” in the office

Krissy Griggs
Marketing and Sales Manager
Google Reviews
Response rate

South Pacific Helicopters amaze people with “a flight of your lifetime” over some of the most spectacular landscapes and marine life in Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand. With a current QualMark Gold status and Net Promoter Score of 100 they must be doing something right so we decided to find out what role Yonder plays within this stand-out experience.

When asked why they decided to implement Yonder Krissy Griggs, Marketing Manager, said that they needed a system that “gathered our feedback into one spot, rather than logging into several platforms”. With a small team, previous to Yonder, it was taking up valuable staff time to check ratings across platforms like Google and Facebook as well as the direct NPS surveys that Yonder sends out. With Yonder they are able to see this all in one dashboard and Krissy loves that it is in real-time so she can “see the analysis straight away, year on year and month on month”. Saving time with this gathering and analysis allows Krissy and her team to spend more time with their valued customers.

40% customers give feedback

With a customer survey completion rate of 40% Krissy and her team are confident that they are hearing from a large range of their customers. Having all the data in one place allows the team to very quickly see what products customers are enjoying the most, ensuring they maintain the high-quality experience that they are known for. The team appreciates that they can check for “red faces” in the dashboard, indicating that they have unsatisfied customers and if so (which is extremely rare) they are able to investigate and respond very quickly. The data in the dashboard has made it easy to identify that the only dissatisfied customers they have are ones that do not get to see a whale, however, with 97% of their experiences successfully spotting whales it doesn’t occur often!

2x more Google Reviews than our previous system

With more customers giving feedback that has resulted in 105%* more Google Reviews, all 5 stars too! (*Comparing year on year pre and post using Yonder). Although their waiver system was sending out a post trip thanks email with a request for an online review (amongst many other things in the email) the Yonder system makes it incredibly easy for customers to share feedback with a dedicated review request email. The email is unique to every customer and has rating buttons within the email itself. It also screens only the raving 5 star customers to share a review to Google.

Part of making an unforgettable experience is the people. South Pacific Helicopters are a small team and know how important its staff are in the overall experience. Krissy uses the Mentions feature within Yonder to track when team members are mentioned in surveys and online reviews, all nicely collated together per team member.  They “share back that customer feedback to their team by reading them out at staff meetings” creating a real “buzz” in the office. This open and honest communication helps to maintain and elevate the excellent team that they have working for them. 

South Pacific Helicopters value their staff and staff efficiency, making for a high-performing operation. Yonder has helped them further improve efficiency and generate valuable customer feedback for their amazing team.

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