Retain more clients and maximize the power of your word-of-mouth marketing

Yonder gives you the tools you need to get more client feedback, testimonials, appear at the top of local searches, and offer a fantastic customer experience.
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"Every business owner knows the power of a raving review. However, regularly gathering and sharing reviews can be a real challenge in a busy work environment"
Sean Maskill, Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen

The easy way to manage reputation and turn clients into raving reviews

Retain clients by checking in to see if they're satisfied

Yonder takes care of the review-gathering admin for you - effortlessly prompting your customers to engage in satisfaction surveys and share their experience of your service and your team.

Gather great testimonials and boost word-of-mouth referrals

Yonder takes care of gathering great testimonials, and help you use them on your website.

Yonder helps you catch negative feedback before it gets online and add the power of the internet to word-of-mouth marketing, helping you attract new clients.

Use customer feedback to discover what it takes to continuously be the best

Measure Net Promoter Score

Measure your rating, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and distribution of customer satisfaction.

Since word of mouth is such an important part of getting new customers, use NPS as a metric to track how well you are generating sales through referrals. You can even compare ratings amongst your teams or offices.

Learn what you can do to improve

With feedback regularly gathered you'll have more information to work out what you need to do to improve your quality of service and retain clients.

Learn how your marketing is working by systematically asking how new clients hear about you.

Get structured feedback on your team members

Gather feedback on your team, including compliments and what needs improvement. Ask directly in the Yonder survey or just pick up @mentions of their names in feedback and online reviews.

Make monthly staff reviews powerful and efficient by brining the voice of customer into them. Who doesn't love hearing warm fuzzy comments about them !
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How the magic happens

Connect your CRM or tell Yonder who to send
Send to a list of people you enter into Yonder. Or, let Yonder automate the process of sending by connecting with major CRM's like Hubspot and even Xero.
Automatically gather reviews and testimonials
Yonder sends your customer a beautiful, simple survey designed to get incredibly high response rates. Use the opportunity to ask more questions like "How did you hear about us".
Get notified immediately of any dissatisfied customers
Resurrect any issues before they escalate and catch the feedback before it get online.
Amplify your word of mouth
Grow your 5 star reviews on sites like Google. Showcase 5 star reviews and testimonials as a live feed on your website with a Yonder Widget or API integration.
Quickly discover insights
Make sense of the data quickly - no need to guess who responded, feedback is automatically connected to each client. Results are classified to your organizations, teams or locations. 

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