How exceptional businesses use customer feedback to grow.

Whether you’re new to customer feedback or you’re wanting to improve how you gather, analyse and act on it, this handbook will be your go-to.

While collating this handbook, we interviewed small, medium and large businesses - all leaders of businesses providing a service. Our goal of the handbook is to help you have the knowledge and tools to deliver great customer experiences, knowing that nurturing raving customers is the best way of sustaining and growing business

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What's inside?

The basics

A few examples:
→  The different methods to measure customer happiness.
→ What’s the difference between a survey,  feedback, testimonials and online reviews.
→ Are feedback surveys classified as marketing communications?

The Yonder Customer Feedback Loop

An approach specific for businesses providing a service and relying on word of mouth marketing.

17 articles diving deep into feedback

A few examples:
→  Our formula for tackling negative feedback.
→  What are the top 5 questions you should be asking to get useful feedback.
→  How does your NPS stack up against your competitors?
→  What effect do ratings have on Google rankings?

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