AI Chatbot & Reviews Platform built for Drop Zones

Boost your online sales and save staff time with an AI chatbot and reviews platform built for skydiving businesses.

An intelligent AI Chatbot that knows all about skydiving

Reduce trivial enquiries by responding immediately to over 90% of chats. 
Over 45% of chats are outside of office hours, Yonder Chatbot is there to respond and help take reservations.
Industry leading AI chatbot for Skydive businesses, trained with millions of chats.
Boost your online sales by answering questions immediately.

Update info on your website in seconds

Train chatbot responses and/or use website messages to communicate general information like weather and opening hours. Schedule changes so there's one less thing to remember.

What customers are saying

"Our goal was to reduce phone calls by 10 or 20%. All of the chatbots immediate answers reduced phone calls, meaning we’re less likely to miss a call from a customer that really needs the help. That’s better for everyone."
Shaggio Rodriguez, General Manager, Skydive Tecumseh - USA
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"It makes it that one step easier for customers to ask those potentially mundane questions. It bridges the gap between the customer being unsure to making a booking"
Daisy Hylton, Marketing Manager, Taupo Tandem Skydiving
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"On days that we are operating I use the status message to let people know what the weather is doing"
Darren Fletcher, Owner, Go Skydive New Zealand.
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Super easy to set-up in a few hours

Building a chatbot shouldn't be a painful experience. With access to Yonders' library of Skydiving FAQ's all the hard work has already been done, all you need to do is add in the responses specific to your drop zone.


Setup responses

Add responses to the library of FAQ's for skydiving.


Add additional FAQ's

You can add as many FAQ's as you like specific to your drop zone. Your chatbot will also get smarter over time.



Install directly into your website in a few seconds. Google Analytics tracking is automatically active.


Analyse & Improve

Chatbot data is an incredible source to understand what's holding back more people from booking with you. We can hold periodic performance reviews with you to assess improvements.

Discover more ways to automate your skydive business

Industry leading 35-50% response rates to review requests and/or customer surveys, and boost your 5-star reviews.