Go Skydive New Zealand

"Chat has opened up another way for people to contact us"

Darren Fletcher, Onwer

About Go Skydive NZ:

Situated a quick 45 minute drive from central Auckland, Go Skydive New Zealand is one of the most scenic operations to skydive with in New Zealand.  If you’ve got time to look while you’re jumping you get views of Auckland City, Coromandel and both the Tasman Sea and Pacific ocean,

Owned and operated by Darren Fletcher, who has years of flying experience behind him, he has taken Go Skydive New Zealand from a small set up to one of the premier tourist attractions in the Waikato region.

Darren embraces technology that has purpose and delivers results for his business. We interview Darren to learn how he has used Yonder to give great customer service and drive direct bookings.

Why Yonder?

Darren is an active user of facebook and so are his customers. He knew from his experience on facebook messenger that his customers liked to ask questions about skydiving through chat.

This made it easy for Darren to adopt Yonder chat for his website as he already knew that he would have great engagement rates. Darren is excited to see his expectation was right as he achieves 2-3% engagement rate on website chat, which is around industry average. Chat means “opening up another way for people to contact us”, something which is important with today's Gen-Z.

Another feature that Darren liked about Yonder was that it integrated with his Facebook Messenger, bringing all conversations into one easy backend panel along with his website chats. This has reduced Darren’s need to check and answer conversations in multiple places.

Yonder’s virtual assistant is like another team member:

The icing on the top for Darren was that he could automate the FAQ’s that people asked through chat so that he didn’t always have to immediately reply to the chat himself. This was important for Darren as him and his staff are often jumping, driving shuttles or doing the face to face customer service.

Darren uses the basic Yonder product, and it’s pre-built to immediately answer around 20 questions relevant to skydiving .  Questions around weight, glasses, free pick-up and drop zone location are a few of the FAQ’s that Darren doesn’t have to answer himself as his Yonder Chatbot does that for him.  

Darren also uses Rezdy booking system.  Yonder integrates with this and retrieves live availability information to answer questions like “Are there any skydives available tomorrow”  with “Yes, there are trips at 10.00 and 11.00 and there are 4 seats left”

The virtual assistant helps 60% of the chats, saving in the last 3 months over 6 hours of staff time per month.  Having immediate responses to peoples questions means that Darren can give better customer service immediately and help nudge people towards booking.

Website messages:

Asked what other feature Darren likes about Yonder he quickly says “pop up website messages” which he uses to display, “deals and discounts we run throughout the year”. Yonder makes it simple for Darren to set up and run pop up messages on any page he wants, encouraging people to stay on his website and book through him for the great deal.

Image: Example of website message showing deals

“On days that we are operating I also use the status message to let people know what the weather is doing”. These types of personalised touches all helps to give a great customer experience for his website visitors.

Example of a status website message showing weather conditions

Overall, what’s it like?

Having Yonder for Darren has meant that he no longer has to be concerned about answering live chat live. He can drive his shuttle and jump with his customers without worrying about missing out on the next booking.

To find out how Yonder can help your skydiving business contact us for a chat.  We’re happy to talk with you about the industry FAQ’s that are helping skydiving companies run a more efficient, customer centric tourism business.

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