4 ways to leverage your online reviews to grow your sales.

Use your reviews to grow....
Letitia Stevenson
August 25, 2023

Many tourism operators put a lot of effort into collecting online reviews but very little effort is put into using these reviews to ensure sales growth. With 93% of consumers influenced by online reviews it's essential you are using them to their full potential.

Here are 4 ways you can use your online travel reviews:

  1. Show your review rating in a google search snippet. By showing your star rating in the review snippet people are more likely to click on your search result.

  1. Display your online reviews on your website, Add a simple widget or link via API and you can pull in all your online reviews to your website, show people why they should book with you.

  1. Use your online reviews in social media posts and printed media (if you still do this). Social proof is so powerful and reviews are a great way to let the voice of your customer shine through.

  1. Answer all your online reviews, the good and the bad. It shows that you listen to your customers and appreciate the time it has taken them to write you a review. It’s a great way to show that you are a proactive business.

Don’t just let your online reviews sit there, use them to their full potential to help you drive sales. 

For help implementing all 4 of the points above contact Yonder, the leading tourism chat and review system.

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