How to get more online reviews

Online reviews influence the purchase decisions of 93% of consumers
Letitia Stevenson
April 21, 2021

Reviews matter. Online reviews influence the purchase decisions of 93% of consumers AND they help improve your business’s local ranking on Google. But, how do you get your customers to share their thoughts publicly? 

Ask and you shall receive (most of the time)

The best way to get more online reviews for your business is to ask your customers to leave them. If you don’t ask, likely, you’ll only get around 1-2% of customers leaving reviews, which will be a mix of glowing reviews (yay) or negative reviews disgruntled customers (eek). Not all of your customers will want to leave reviews, even if you ask them, simply because they don’t want to share their thoughts publicly. However, you’re guaranteed to get a lot more of your customers leaving reviews if you ask than you would if you didn’t ask at all.  

When asking your customers to leave an online review, it’s also important to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Often a business will include a link in a post-visit email, but the uptake of this method is generally pretty low because the link gets lost amongst the rest of the message, and it's too much effort for them to leave a review.

Yonder increased Easyhike’s Google reviews by 500% in one month by using our survey tool to identify their most enthusiastic promoters and making it frictionless for them to leave an online review. For comparison, Easyhike was receiving 2 to 3 Google reviews per month (average figure based on Summer 2019-20 results) and since using Yonder, they received 15 Google reviews in February ‘21 alone. 

How? Yonder sends a beautiful survey directly to the customer, with rating buttons embedded directly in the email - making it super quick and easy for customers to share feedback. All reviews are 5 stars because we don’t ask anyone else! 

Keen to bump up your Google reviews? Get started with a free 14-day Yonder trial and watch those reviews flow in.

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