"Our reviews give us the confidence to know that we’re helping people, we’re doing something right and to keep doing what we’re doing."

Bobbie Mulgrew
Easyhike Founder
Customers giving feedback
Google Reviews increase

For Easyhike, loving what they do, and always keeping their customers front of mind enables them to deliver unparalleled service in every interaction that they have. Since 2012, Easyhike have been helping hikers get to the Great Walks in Fiordland, New Zealand. 

Looking to improve their processes and systems, and streamline the way they collect and manage customer feedback, Easyhike founder Bobbie Mulgrew decided to implement Yonder. 

Getting started was a breeze

Built for high performing tourism businesses, Yonder is an all-in-one solution that helps you be a hero at every customer touchpoint. Yonder helps your business be found and chosen by new customers, be data-driven, discover opportunities to improve and deliver the best end-to-end customer experience. “It makes things easy for busy people,” says Bobbie. 

Yonder integrates directly with Easyhike’s booking system, Checkfront, to get booking details of all customers and send surveys directly to customers.  After a quick setup, which can be done yourself, it’s all set to send automatically.  The integration with Bobbie’s Checkfront Booking System also means all responses are matched directly with a booking and customer, no more guessing what feedback relates to which product.

Unleashing the power of customer feedback

“We were emailing out to all of our customers from our booking system, trying to get feedback where we could and encouraging them to write reviews online. I’m always open to trying new things and improving what we’re doing. I wondered if using Yonder would make our survey feel more legit and whether it would encourage more customers to write reviews and it has, we’ve seen an increase in reviews since using it.”

Since using Yonder, Easyhike has had a massive change in feedback received, increasing from 1-2 feedback per month to 38 in the most recent month. In fact, an incredible 40% of customers have responded with feedback. How? Yonder sends a beautiful survey directly to the customer, with rating buttons embedded directly in the email - making it super quick and easy for customers to share feedback.

Customer feedback is key to Easyhike’s decision-making, and the more feedback they receive, the stronger their business gets; We are continually improving our services, systems, and processes with customer feedback in mind” says Bobbie. “Our surveys give us insight into what our customers think and feel about our service, and helps us ensure we’re delivering the best possible service to our customers.”

Measuring customer happiness

Through Yonder, Easyhike can monitor key customer experience metrics, such as their Net Promoter Score, which allows them to measure their current success and see how they stack up against their competitors.

Net Promoter Score or ‘NPS’, is used by businesses all around the world to measure customer satisfaction, advocacy, and loyalty. The higher your NPS score is, the more likely customers are to use your services again or promote your business or service to their friends and family. With word of mouth being one of the most powerful forms of marketing, NPS is one of the most important metrics for businesses to track.

Boasting a world-class net promoter score of 96, meaning all customers have given 5-star ratings.  Easyhike is leading the pack from a customer experience standpoint and are getting results that most businesses can only dream of.

“We always do our very best to deliver and provide exceptional, friendly and efficient customer service.  Receiving feedback is an integral part of this as it closes the loop, helps us navigate improvement.  Knowing we are on the right track through great feedback, gives us added confidence to make the right call when faced with tricky decisions.”

Yonder increased Easyhike’s Google reviews by 500% in one month

In addition to being an internal tool for measuring customer satisfaction, Yonder also helps strengthen your reputation online by prompting your biggest fans to copy their survey comments and publish them as a Google review.

Yonder co-founder, James Donald, explains: “When you get so much customer love, it’s so valuable to help customers share that online to influence potential customers to choose you in the future.  Google Reviews is the most important today, but you can prompt customers to other review sites as well.  Easyhike customers have all loved their experience, so it’s awesome to help use that and skyrocket Easyhikes’ Google Reviews.”

Easyhike’s results speak for themselves. Yonder’s survey tool is identifying their most enthusiastic promoters and making it frictionless for them to leave an online review. For comparison, Easyhike was receiving 2 to 3 Google reviews per month (average figure based on Summer 2019-20 results) and since using Yonder, they received 15 Google reviews in February ‘21 alone.

These positive reviews are boosting Easyhike’s search engine performance and influencing purchasing decisions. This means more potential customers can find Easyhike and, when they do, they’re more likely to use their services based on what previous customers are sharing about their experiences.

This is a huge win for Easyhike who says search is one of their main acquisition channels: “SEO is what we’ve really focussed on for the length of the business, which is coming up 9 years now. With our website, we want to always have our best foot forward, which means getting out there organically, because that’s where most people are finding us, through Google.”

About Easyhike

Easyhike is a small, family-owned and operated business based in Te Anau and Glenorchy, New Zealand.

Created from founder Bobbie Mulgrew’s love of the Routeburn Track and to meet the demand for car relocations, Easyhike have been helping to make hiking Fiordland’s Great Walks hassle-free since 2012.

 Easyhike are a team of friendly and professional office staff, car relocation specialists, and trusted partners who all pride themselves on excellent customer service.

To learn more about Easyhike, head to easyhike.co.nz.

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