Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park

"Asking for an email upfront is basically telling customers you’re not actually there"

Anna Crawford, Owner

About Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park

Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park is a cliff top holiday park with the best views of any accommodation in Taranaki.  There are a range of modern cabins, motel units, powered sites and tent sites.  There’s even facilities for conferences, it’s a great spot for groups.  Belt Road consistently receives rave reviews and was recently awarded the Visitor Industry Excellence Award from the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce.  Top customer service is a key goal of Anna Crawford, owner of Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park.

The best view in Taranaki

Why choose Yonder?

At first Anna was sceptical but she was a quick convert.  “We already had a chat tool and I couldn’t really see what the difference using Yonder could bring.  Since we were only getting 1 chat a month I didn’t really want to invest in anything else”

It didn’t sound right that a busy and award winning park like Belt Road Seaside was getting only 1 chat a month. Belt Road Seaside also has a pretty effective website and paid digital marketing to attract website visitors.   We had a chat with Anna to explore this with her - after asking a few questions like the number of website visitors and looking at the widget a few things quickly became clear:

  • An email address and subject was asked in order to start a chat
  • The widget typically showed the Belt Road Seaside team was  “offline”.
  • It took time and diligence for the Belt Road Seaside team to “log on” and “log off” each day to ensure it showed “online” during the day.

First week results with Yonder

Yonder gets more chats because it’s incredibly engaging and easy to use for website visitors.  Yonder customers get around 2 - 4% of their website visitors chatting, which was far off what Belt Road Seaside was getting.  Anna was keen to adopt Yonder and achieve this level of engagement as she wanted to provide the best customer service possible and knew that chat is an important channel.

Within a week of removing the old chat tool and installing Yonder she received 23 chats, an average of 3.3 a day.  That put Anna on track to 100 chats in a month compared with the “1 chat a month if we’re lucky”.

“I quickly saw that barrier of asking for an email address upfront, it’s basically telling customers you’re not actually there to chat.”    

A feature Anna really likes are the website messages, which are key to getting effective engagement:  “I think the website messages “How can we help” which pops up after 10 seconds or “what can we help with” triggers a lot more website chat.  More eyes drawn to it.”

Pop-up after 10 seconds to engage chat
“Now we’re finding it’s quite a busy task to respond to guests, especially while they’re online which is our target.”  

That’s where Anna is keen to turn on more automated responses, to save staff time but also respond immediately and have the maximum chance to influence travellers to book with Belt Road Seaside.

“Before we started this I didn’t know what automated chat could provide, or how it worked.  We can see now how we can add automation to respond live to guests as good as if we were responding ourselves.”  The automations have “got the ability to give accurate responses to questions because a lot of questions are really common”.

Some other features Anna really likes…. “I love how everything is in one platform.  I can see metrics easily, and I can even send to an email someone has left ”.

Get Yonder

Yonder is focused on helping tourism businesses like Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park save time and increase bookings.  We designed the product to meet the needs of travellers and the demands of busy tourism businesses like Belt Road Seaside Holiday Park.  Get in touch with us to learn how your business can benefit.  Even if you’ve already got a web chat tool, like Belt Road Seaside, Yonder can help you achieve more.

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