Introducing - Smart Summaries

Our new AI-generated Smart Summaries provide you with a snappy summary of topics your track
James Donald
April 21, 2023

If you've got a lot of reviews, even 50 or more a month, it can be hard to read every one of them and stay on top what your customers are saying. Our new Smart Summaries provide you a snappy summary for topics you are interested in. Under the hood we use GPT to generate a summary every month highlighting postive comments, negative comments and areas for improvement.

Check out a quick demo:

How to use Smart Summaries:

  • Start gathering reviews using the Yonder system, and integrate your Google My Business and other review sites to bring all your reviews into one place
  • We've already setup some topics for you that track a range of related keywords. You can also set-up your own topics.
  • At the end of every month we generate a Smart Summary. You can view it through your dashboard and we'll include the summaries in your monthly review report that's emailed to you.

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