Introducing: Team performance

Gather structured feedback on your team to help improve your performance reviews.
James Donald
July 21, 2021

We noticed many Yonder customers asking for feedback about their team, as an additional question within their Yonder NPS survey.  So wouldn't it be great to collate all the results for each team member into a nice dashboard to make monthly performance reviews better? That's exactly what we've done with Teams, now available for customers using Yonder Reviews:

  • Add the 'Team' question to your Yonder Survey to ask customers who they interacted with and get structured feedback on individual team members/guides.
  • Customise attributes you ask - what went well and what can be improved
  • A dashboard summarizes that feedback (only available to admin users).
  • Drill down to see all results per team member.

One customer using it said, "We have involved our Operations Leadership team in it and shown them how to use the system so they can look at a reward/incentive program based on the feedback – something they have wanted to do for a long time but had no way of collating accurate info together."

Coming soon:  See all '@Mentions' of team member names in online reviews by automatically listening for their name.

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