Introducing: Yonder @mentions!

We've released an enhancement to our ‘Team Performance’ feature!
Chelsea Sait
November 22, 2021

We've released an enhancement to our ‘Team Performance’ feature that allows customers to listen for mentions of their team member names in Yonder survey feedback, Google My Business Reviews and Facebook Reviews!

At Yonder, we frequently see mentions of staff names within reviews.  With the @mentions feature, we automatically gather all reviews relating to staff names, both Yonder reviews and other integrated sources like Google Reviews.

Why monitor mentions in reviews? 

Who wouldn’t want to know if they’ve been mentioned in reviews?! Sharing that customer feedback to your team in weekly or monthly performance reviews is a best practice. 

If you're not already manually checking for team member mentions in customer feedback, this will give you loads more information at your fingertips when it comes to performance review time. If you are already doing it, you'll love the time you can save!

“The feedback from customers gives warm fuzzy feelings to our guides - Gives them a big smile and a confidence boost.” — Christian De Vega, Operations Manager at Hobbiton Movie Tours. 

"We like to provide our operators’ manager with a weekly summary of feedback about the guides, and that gets shared in regular team meetings. I used to manually go through all reviews and copy snippets into a spreadsheet. Now, with the Yonder Team Mentions feature, it automatically categorises mentions of all our guides which makes it super quick and easy to share.” — Jess Willow, Guest Services Manager at Ziptrek EcoTours

​​How it works:

  1. Create a team member
  2. Add a list of alternative names people use
  3. The dashboard will show a summary of all your team and how many times they're mentioned. Drill down to see all related comments.
  4. Share with your team!

‍Celebrate positive mentions of team mentions in reviews and save time hunting them down!   You can also go the extra step to get even more quality feedback about your team members by using our Team Feedback feature in a Yonder Customer Survey.

Not already a Yonder customer? Get started with a free 14-day trial: This feature is also included in our new Free Plan.

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