Should you respond to all reviews?

Responding to reviews builds trust with your customers.
Letitia Stevenson
July 8, 2021

We’re often asked if businesses should be responding to all reviews, good and bad. It’s certainly tempting to only respond to the bad reviews and defend yourself against criticism and it can also be time-consuming to go through multiple online review sites to respond to all your reviews, so often it’s faster to concentrate on the negative reviews only. 

Responding to reviews can build trust with your customers, which is why you should be responding to all reviews, good and bad. Prospective customers need to see that you care about all of your customers and are not just defending your business against the bad reviews that have been left. Instead of only being reactive, be proactive and show appreciation for the customers that have taken the time to leave you a good review too, people notice this when researching!

With templates and a quick copy and paste, it shouldn't be a burden to respond to the good and bad reviews. Having all reviews in one place instead of heading to multiple online review sites also speeds things up, which is something you can do easily within Yonder.  We integrate with Google My Business and more reviews sites coming soon. 

Don’t leave your customer reviews on ‘read’, respond! Save time checking different websites by pulling all your customer feedback data into one home - Yonder. Want to give it a go? Try our free 14-day trial today.

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