Automated FAQs with AI chatbot

Let's face it, 70%+ of enquiries are the same questions. People are lazy finding information on your website. Giving customers what they need immediately 24-7 gets you more bookings and saves time for your staff to deal with enquiries that need it.

An intelligent chatbot that knows all about tourism

We’ve trained an intelligent chatbot with a catalogue of the most frequently asked questions for a range of tourism businesses. Yonder chatbot is exceptional at answering routine questions about availability, prices and much more.

Live availability from your booking system

Questions about availability are among the top five most asked questions. Yonder can respond to chats with live availability from your booking system.

We're integrated with IBIS, Redzy, Fare Harbour and more. If yours isn't on the list, that's ok, Yonder will help guide customers to the right place in your online booking system.

Live chat, automated responses or a hybrid of both

Yonder chatbot combines the reliability of live chat with the added functionality of automated responses for a seamless customer experience. Respond on the go with the Yonder mobile app.

Yonder frees up staff to deal with more complex enquiries that require a human touch.

Help customers choose with personalised recommendations

Customers often need help choosing. Yonder can ask questions and make personalised recommendations. Or use the conversation as an opportunity to communicate your points of difference between options, and help the customer discover what matters to them.

Incredibly easy to edit responses

Customise your own bot responses, or if you prefer we’ll do it for you. Easy, either way.

Deep customer insights

Use Yonder's customer insights feature to develop rich understanding of what your customers actually want, and use the insights to improve your website content, identify keywords to improve search engine optimisation (SEO) or Adwords performance and more.

Measure and analyse performance

At a glance see the number of conversations resolved by bot, staff time saved, clicks through to your website and booking system, bookings made and other important metrics.

Why you need Automated FAQs...

"The chatbot is an option for customers to find info without having to pick up the phone. If customers can find what they want, it helps avoid them leaving the website without booking. Securing that conversion prior to being in Rotorua is really important."
Richard Allen, Polynesian Spa
"We set out to provide better customer service, and to better support international enquirers when they were in the research phase of planning their trip. And that’s exactly what Yonder has done."
Andrea Messenger, Tongariro Crossing Shuttles
"Behaviour is changing, and while lots of our customers want to talk to us, there are some who are quite comfortable talking with a chatbot. Offering a chatbot service on our website is about offering our guests choices."
Georgina Torrington, The George Hotel

Unleash your growth with more powerful features

Yonder is the only comprehensive platform for customer experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Check out our other products that work well with Automated FAQs.
Learn what customers want and how to be the best.
Discover rich insights from conversations and reviews in clicks, not days.
Integrate your booking system and set your automations and customer data on fire.

Drive more online sales without more marketing spend