Automated FAQs with AI chatbot

Let's face it, 70%+ of enquiries are the same questions.

Give customers what they need immediately 24-7 and get more bookings and save time for your staff to deal with enquiries that really need it.
From $150 / month

An intelligent chatbot that knows all about tourism

We’ve trained an intelligent chatbot with the most frequently asked questions for a range of tourism businesses. Yonder AI Chatbot is exceptional at answering routine questions about availability, prices and much more.
Reduce trivial enquiries by responding immediately to 90% of chats. 
Over 45% of chats are outside off hours. Yonder saves you time and converts bookings while your office is closed.
Industry leading AI chatbot for tourism businesses, trained with millions of chats.
Start immediately with our conversation templates built for tourism businesses, or we'll customize to get maximum outcomes.
How AI Chatbot works →

Automate your trivial enquiries, jump in and answer the rest

Complement your customer service team or let it run on its own 24-7 and handoff special enquiries to your email.

Live chat, automated responses or a hybrid of both

Yonder chatbot combines the reliability of live chat with the added functionality of automated responses for a seamless customer experience. Respond on the go with the Yonder mobile app.

Yonder frees up staff to deal with more complex enquiries that require a human touch.

Live availability from your booking system

Questions about availability are among the top five most asked questions. Yonder can respond to chats with live availability from your booking system.

We're integrated with IBIS, Redzy, Fare Harbour and more. If yours isn't on the list, that's ok, Yonder will help guide customers to the right place in your online booking system.

Use conversations to improve your website performance

Analyze thousands of conversations in minutes and develop a rich understanding of what your customers actually want. Use the insights to improve your website content and performance.
Chats automatically classifed to chatbot topics
Measure clicks through to your booking system
Sort through 1000's of chats in minutes
Edit responses yourself

Learn how Yonder customers win with chat automation