All the cookies are going, are you ready?

Marketers LOVE cookies. For years, businesses have been using them to track website visitors, improve the user experience, and collect data that helps us target ads to the right audiences. So what’s going to happen when they’re gone? We’re hosting Stu Lill from Maverick Digital, a specialist NZ Tourism marketing agency, to discuss.

In this video, you'll hear:

What you need to do to be future ready...

Technical requirements for the future

  • Google Tag Manager Installed
  • Google Analytics 3 (or universal) active with events installed
  • Google Analytics 4 set up & collecting data

Collect first party data (check you are following the privacy laws when you are doing this!)

  • Competitions
  • Newsletters
  • Chat Data
  • Reviews
  • Website Quiz

Use first party data

  • Google Analytics - Remarketing
  • Google Ads/Facebook
  • EDM’s