Growing by doubling down on what we care about

We host Kenny Wynter, Sales Manager at Ziptrek NZ (Queenstown) to chat about doubling down on what Ziptrek cares deeply about and how to grow that into sales - sustainability, eco-tourism and innovating customer experiences through digital, such as the Kereru interactive tour.

In this video, you'll hear:

Marketing and Sales

  • Given our mix of thrill and eco focus there can be a mismatch between what's sold by an agent and what the tour actually is. 
  • Choosing the right OTA to work with is really important, we say no to some if they don't align with our values or attract he right type of customer.  We’d rather take a quality guest than quantity at low price, risking reputation.
  • We consider Ziptrek a citizen of the Lake Wakatipu region. We have a locals month and donate a portion of revenue to projects we ask our community what matters to them.
  • We've setup a number of educational programs, which has been great to engage more of the community. We've reached schools and universities via Go With Tourism and our regional council.

Operating sustainably

  • We look at the eco-system of what we spend money on, choices are made based on their principles.  Not just carbon, but looking at the entire supply chain.
  • Our staff are a key part of delivering an exceptional customer experience. We find that younger staff genuinely care about the environment, we want people to practice what they preach.


  • We have guiding principles the focus our energies to innovate. Trent, our CEO, is continuosly coming up with ideas and then handing them over to the team to shape and bring to life.
  • Queenstown is a resort town, a once in a lifetime visit for many people, therefore focusing on engaging previous customers for repeat visitation is not strong for us. Intead we have innovated with one-off events like music week/treehouse sessions, wedding, and educational tours. We've also innovated to appeal to differeent customer segments, such as the Keruru interactive tour.

Some links Kenny wanted to shaer:

  • For those who are were interested in learning more about The Natural Step and how we incorporate this into our eco interps, learn more here.
  • There is also further information here regarding Ziptrek Queenstown's ambition to become a Future-Fit Pioneer.