Navigating and finding opportunity amongst massive change

We chat with Shayne Forrest, General Manager Marketing & Commercial | Deputy Chief Executive, from Hobbiton Movie Tours, about: People and teams, Diversification of products, Data and customer feedback

In this video, you'll hear:

  • Our people are really important to us. Staff we previously had to let go, we re-engage frequently including using Facebook Group. As we ramp up we'll aim to draw on hiring from that group.
  • Our people are now working much more across the business, and that's helping people understand the business better and fertilise ideas to improve.
Diversification of products:
  • We realised through customer feedback there was demand for private meeting or dining space during the day, often in addition to a tour. Quite often these are high yield customers.  That gave us the confidence to try it out, and it's been successful.
  • We introduced Gold card holders $10 off.  That quickly pays back, they’ll also buy coffee before the tour, tea, lunch, and souvenirs.
  • We’ve introduced higher price point products, eg. second breakfast tour and special events and that's getting repeat visitation, a reason for people to come back.  People want unique experiences.
Customer feedback:
  • Customer feedback is massively important, it has helped give us the confidence to make changes.
  • Yonder's new 'Team performance' feature, Shayne describes it as "Uber driver ratings for our guides" has created a healthy attitude to delivering great customer experiences, there's even a bit of competition amongst the team to maintain their own 5 star rating!