How tourism businesses use personalised AI Chatbots to grow sales and give great customer service 24/7.

Find out how tourism specific AI chatbots can help your business this summer.
Letitia Stevenson
November 24, 2021

Customers now expect immediate and personalised communication and AI chatbots are allowing tourism operators to meet and exceed these expectations 24/7. Artificially intelligent chatbots ensure that all responses given to users are relevant and personalised, which is essential for today's travellers.

The two key areas where AI Chatbots help tourism operators and attractions are sales and customer service. These two areas are essential to any business and rely on high levels of personalisation. 


Chatbots help businesses increase website conversions by up to 20% simply by answering travellers questions immediately.

1-3% of website visitors will engage with a chatbot to help them quickly get the help they need to continue on their customer journey. 

AI chatbots will answer the questions when they are confident of the answer otherwise they will gather further information for the sales team to follow up at a later date.  Integrating your CRM system to your chatbot can forward leads directly into your sales funnel and pulling live availability from your booking system into chatbots speeds up the sales conversation, helping your business make more sales with up to 15% of users clicking the “book now” button in chat.

Polynesian Spa experienced “the conversion rate went up once implementing Yonder” with an ROI of 10x based on Google Analytics conversion tracking of online purchases.  

Customer Service

Finding staff to support your customer service can be a challenge and training them to understand your business is time-consuming. 

AI chatbots continually learn and build knowledge, they are working year-round and are available to your customers 24/7. Note that 40% of chats are initiated outside of office hours, meaning customer questions and sales leads will go unanswered if a chatbot is not available.  

AI chatbots can save from 10-200+ hours of staff time per month depending on how many chats your operation or attraction experiences. This is time that your staff could be using to serve people face to face or complete other business-related tasks.

Skydive Australia was able to significantly reduce their number of call centre staff once installing their AI chatbot. Zorb felt a substantial drop in emails and phone calls, taking the pressure off front line customer service teams. Skydive Tecumseh saw over 300 phone calls diverted away from their customer service team over a single summer, allowing them to focus on the customers in front of them that needed their attention.

At Yonder, tourism businesses and attractions can build and manage their own AI chatbots, no coding required! With a helping hand from Yonder’s smart tourism dataset you are given access to the top 75+ FAQ’s for your niche sector (eg. skydiving, zip-lining, attractions, cruise, pools, white water rafting, hotel, holiday park etc) and then you are supported 100% of the way to add further customisations, creating the perfect fit for your business. Prices start from only $150/month, and you’ll quickly see a return on that investment in your first month.  Arrange a demo today to understand the benefits for your size and type of business.

Our team are tourism experts — we have built bespoke chatbots for a wide range of tourism operations from RTO’S, DMC’s, OTA’s and large multinational businesses, taking care of the maintenance and ongoing AI training, making sure that every business succeeds. Book a chat today.

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