The easy way to turn customers into raving reviews

It's all about how you ask....effortlessly generate 5 star reviews online and ensure you are the preferred choice for new customers. Showcase your positive feedback on your website
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Be found online by gathering 5x more Google reviews

Maximise word of mouth by boosting your Google and Tripadvisor reviews by asking with Yonder.  First, we ask for direct feedback and then we make it easy for those who rate you 5 stars to post on their preferred online review site.
Boost your organic search ranking on Google.
Ask with Yonder to increase monthly reviews 5x (compared to including a link in a thanks email).
Intelligent survey - Only ask 5 star customers to share online

Bring all your feedback and reviews into one place

Save time checking different websites by pulling all your customer feedback data into one home - Yonder.
Google My Business and Facebook Recommendations
Yonder Feedback and Reviews
Record feedback heard by staff
More review sites coming soon.

Listen for mentions of your team

Make monthly staff reviews powerful and efficient with real-time reports of each team member at your fingertips.

We listen for their names (and variations) in online reviews so you can see at a glance all reviews with @mentions.

Learn commonly mentioned keywords

Find out what keywords are used the most and dive in to learn more.

Showcase your 5 star reviews on your website and boost conversion

Save time updating reviews on your website - install our plug-in with an automated feed of your latest 5 star reviews, from a range of sources, including direct via Yonder Surveys.
Install an automated feed filtered to 5 star reviews
Select sources you want to showcase - Google, Facebook and Yonder Survey feedback.

Reviews features

Everything you need to gather rich feedback from many sources, make sense of it and report on it
Google Reviews
Facebook Reviews
Trend, compare, and report.
Measure NPS
Intelligently ask for online reviews
Showcase latest reviews on your website
Popular keyword analysis
Dashboard of Team Member mentions

How exceptional businesses use customer feedback to grow

Whether you're new to customer feedback, or seasoned, this guide covers the Yonder Feedback Loop and 17 articles diving deep to explore how raving customers is the best way of sustaining and growing your business.