Unleash automation by connecting the Wherewolf booking system

Chelsea Sait
October 8, 2021

We’re excited to announce a new Yonder integration partner — digital waiver app for adventure tourism operators, Wherewolf!

Wherewolf customers can now connect their online waivers with Yonder to automatically collect feedback and 5-star reviews, all in one place! Both systems work together to ensure you get the most customer feedback and reviews possible to help drive business improvement and social proof.

Built for high performing tourism businesses:

→ More feedback gives you more ways to improve

Get up to 35% of your customers giving feedback and measure NPS by asking directly with Yonder. NPS lets you know if word of mouth marketing is happening for your business and survey feedback helps with product development, team training and business success.

→ Integrates with Wherewolf’s waiver system

Yonder triggers surveys from the Wherewolf waiver system to ensure that you get as much feedback and reviews as possible from everyone that has checked into your experience. Yonder and Wherewolf then match the responses to customer data so there is no need for guessing who responded to feedback.

→ Boost your SEO and website conversions with reviews

We turn positive feedback from your Yonder survey into online reviews by asking those who rate you 5-stars (9-10 NPS) to post on their preferred online review site. Yonder helps you capture the bad reviews before they go online! A higher online rating helps boost your search engine rankings and influences decisions for 93% of consumers.

→ All of your feedback in one place

Save time by connecting Google My Business and pull all your customer feedback data into one home - Yonder. Learn what it takes to get 5-star reviews, recognise high-performing staff, make data-driven business decisions and find your most popular experiences based on ratings.

Find out more about the Wherewolf integration here.

Not a Wherewolf customer? Check out our other booking system integrations, here. If your booking system isn’t listed, You may be able to integrate via Zapier. Otherwise, please let us know as we're continuously adding integrations to more and more systems.

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